Red Squirrels and Bird’s Eyes.

June 4, 2017

Hey-oop. Join Ranger Jim on the second part of his camping trip to Swaledale. Today we visit the Cumbrian Fells in search of red squirrels, birds-eye primroses and globe flowers.

Ideally these podcasts are recorded pretty much as you hear them, without too much editing. However, this time there was a lot of wind to contend with and quite a lot of the recordings had to be discarded or heavily edited.  To make up for this, I have used as many of the field recordings as I can but I have added some link passages afterwards. If you have good listening equipment you can hear all the joins so I recommend that you do the washing up or mow the lawn at the same time. That way you wont notice what a dog's breakfast I made of the recording.

Thanks for listening anyway. 

Look out for the next podcasts which will be about dragonflies at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve. 



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